Jewellery classes for metal clay

Learn how to make your own silver jewellery.

Have you always dreamed of creating your own beautiful jewellery? It’s hard to imagine that someone could create dazzling earrings or elegant pendants. But with silver clay  finally anyone can do it!

silver CLAY

What is silver clay?

Metal clay is a clay like material with metal particles, an organic binder and water.

The range of metal clays is very large: the may contain silver, gold, bronze, copper, brass, steel or iron for example. So silver clay is a metal clay with silver particles.

You can work with it in the “wet stage” just like with polymer clay: you can form it, mould it, roll it, etc. Then, when it has dried you can drill, file and sand it. You can even construct complicated pieces with it.

Finally the piece must be fired leaving you with a solid metal piece. Some clays may even be fired with a handheld torch.

our classes

We offer classes for all levels: from the beginner to the expert.

Our classes are quite small: 3 to 6 people maximum.

Having fewer participants in a class means that each one can get the attention they need from our teacher. Our participants learn faster and they are able to continue at home without any trouble.

Clay ausschneiden anhand einer Schablone

Beginners' class

In the beginners' class you learn the basics you will need all time when working with metal clay.

Silber Clay in den Brennofen legen

More classes

After having completed the beginners class, you can register for more classes.

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Special classes

We are offering some special classes like an individual class or a Masterclass. Please have a look.

Our next classes

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Small classes = better results

Our experienced staff is working with metal clay since 2010. As we are working with a small number of participants so we are able to manage each situation.

From beginner to advanced user

Our classes are made for anybody: beginners, intermediate or advanced users. You will learn the techniques that will be usefull when working with metal clay.


Yes, fun is important! We are not at school and we do not evaluate you.


You don't have to google in order to find the tools and clays. We sell everything in our online-shop at

pictures from our classes

You can't wait longer to begin? Register now and let the fun begin.